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Certified Translation Services - London - UK

We offer Official Certified Translation Services* for almost all languages and types of legal, official, personal, academic and business documents. As a member of the ATC, our certified translation can be used for The Home Office, Passport Office, UK ENIC, DVLA, employers, courts, banks, consulates, universities, medical / teaching councils and many other organisations*. Get a Free Quote.

Standard Certification

Your document will be translated, and a certificate of authenticity will be issued in English. The certificate will be on our headed paper, signed and stamped by us. The certificate will be attached to the translation together with a copy of the source document provided. All copies will be stamped.


The original copy of the document is not needed. Scanned copy sent by email is sufficient in most cases*. We send a draft by email to the client to check before we certify the translation. This is necessary as sometimes the spelling of names is phonetic.

Certified Translation service  UK

Our Service:

  • We translate almost all languages.
  • Fast and reliable service to all UK cities.
  • Re-translation if you are not satisfied.
  • We offer very competitive price rates.
  • Documents are fully translated and certified for official use*.
  • Simply scan your document or take a photo then email it to us.
  • Receive your translation at your address or by email.
  • All files will be treated as confidential.
  • Friendly customer service.

Documents Translation

We offer comprehensive certified translation service, covering all types of documents. 

- Divorce / Marriage Certificates 

- Death / Birth Certificates

- Driving License / Passport / ID card 

- Academic Certificate / Transcripts 

- All types of contracts / Reports 

- Police Records / Bank Statements 

- Business proposals / Letters 

All other official documents

Certified Translation services - London - UK

* Certification/legalisation requirements of different UK and foreign organisations may vary. We recommend you to contact the organisation for which your translation is intended before purchasing translation service.