About Us

Lingo Horizon Translation Services is a friendly translation company with a customer-focused approach based in London, United Kingdom. We understand the needs of today’s world and the importance of language for businesses and individuals. We know that a clear message is the key to success in our diverse world. We are proud to provide innovative services designed to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

Certified Translation service  UK

High-Quality Translation Services

Our aim at Lingo Horizon TS is to provide high-quality translation services for businesses and individuals in the UK and worldwide at the best price possible and based on the timeline required. We completely understand that using the wrong words can transform meaning, hinder your progress and damage your brand. Therefore, we take quality assurance procedures seriously. 

How we do it?

• Strict recruitment criteria.

• Strict quality control procedures.

• Experienced and qualified translators.

• Confidentiality and privacy procedures.


Why us?

- Genuine Competitive Price.

- High-Quality Translation.

- Re-translation if you are not satisfied.

- Friendly Customer Service.


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Certified Translation service  UK

Legal information:

  • Registered in England and Wales No. 08446470.
  • Member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).
  • Network Member of European Union Association of Translation Companies (EUATC).
  • Registered with ICO No. ZA124074 (Data Protection Authority).