What is certified translation?

At Lingo Horizon Translation Service, we have regularly been asked by our clients the above questions, therefore below are the straightforward answers:


Certified Translation service

As a member of the ATC, we provide certified translation service every day for almost all languages and all type of legal and official documents.


Our certified translation is the following: your document(s) will be translated and a certificate of authenticity in English, which will be signed and stamped by us as a company, will be issued on our company headed paper. The certificate will be attached to the translation together with a copy of the document from which the translation was made.


The certificate of authenticity will confirm in writing:

  • that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’.
  • the date of the translation.
  • the full name and contact details of the representative of the translation company.

Certified translation is usually requested by The Home Office, Passport Office, NARIC, employers, courts, embassies, consulates, universities, professional councils and other organisations in the UK. However, certification requirements of different UK and foreign organisations may vary, as well as individual cases. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the organisation for which your translation is intended before purchasing any translation service.


Finally, unlike in other countries, there is no such thing as a ‘‘Sworn Translator’’ or ‘‘Official Translator’’ in the UK as there is no recognised public body which gives this authorisation to translators.