FAQ - Certified Translation Service


Q: Will the certified translation be accepted?

Requirements of different UK and foreign organisations may vary. We recommend you to contact the institution or organisation which your translation is intended for, before pursuing translation service. Click here for more details. Click here for more details.


Q: Can I change some parts of the translation? 

We are careful in ensuring the translation is accurate and reflects the text in the original documents. We can correct some parts of the translation we provided if needed. However, we cannot, by law, add words to the translation if they do not exist on the original documents and remove some words from the translation if they exist on the original document.


We cannot change the translation based on the client's preferences (e.g. if the original document says ''the college of'', we cannot write it in the translation as ''the university of '') or (if your grade is ''good '', we can not write it in the translation as ''very good''). Please note that we do not perform any 'editing' or 're-writing', meaning no text is added, modified or removed from the original documents.


Q: What about Formatting/Layout?

We try our best to match the translation layout with the original document; however, our main priority is the translation's accuracy and not the layout's accuracy. The translation is usually produced with a similar layout as the original but not a 100% full design match. Please note that we are a translation company, not a design one. The layout does not affect the acceptance of the certified translation. 

Quote related: 

Q: Do I need to send you a copy of my document to get a quote?

Yes, as the size of documents can be different from one to another, as well as the volume of text.


Q: Do I need to send you the original copy?

We usually do not need the original copy of your document. A scanned copy sent by email or via our quotation form is sufficient.


Q: Which days are working days? 

Although we sometimes operate on weekends, the working days are from Monday to Friday.


Q: How working days are calculated?

The first working day would be the next working day. For example, you receive a quote from us on Monday with (2-3 working days) as a timeline, and you pay on the same day. In this case, the first working day would be Tuesday.


Q: When is the order considered to be placed?

When the payment reaches us.


 Q: If I order a paper copy of the translation, when should I expect it to reach me by post?

We usually send a copy of the translation by email to the client to check before we certify the translation. We post the work upon receiving the approval email from the client. Please note that postage time is not included in the timeline of the quote. 


Q: How can I send my document(s)? 

A: Simply send your documents via our quote request form, or email them to us.


Q: How do you deliver the translation?

A: by email or by post.


Q: If I want to proceed with the order, how do I confirm this?

A: If you are happy with the quote, simply confirm this by replying to our email.


Q: Can I approve the translation prior to delivery?

Yes, you can. Before we certify the translation, we send a draft by email for checking.


Q: When do I need to pay?

In advance.


Q: Can I have an invoice?

Yes, please let us know.


Q: How can I pay?

• Bank transfer.

• Debit / Credit card.


Q: Can I receive a receipt after the payment?

Once the payment has reached us, we send you confirmation by email.


Q: Is there a minimum charge for your services? 

Yes, please contact us for more details.


We are UK GDPR compliant. We are fully aware of the importance of confidentiality to our clients. Every assignment will be treated with complete confidentiality. We are registered with the ICO (No. ZA124074).


If you want to cancel an order you have already placed and/or paid for, you can do so by emailing us. You must send the cancellation email within two hours of placing the order. If you fail to send the cancellation email within two hours and still want to cancel your order, we will charge you the price of what we have already translated, plus the administration cost. Cancellation cannot be processed if we have already translated the whole order.  

Full Terms and Conditions:

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