Can I change some parts of the certified translation?

We are careful to ensure that the job is accurate and reflects the text in the original documents. However, clients often mistake the purpose of the certified translation. A certified translation is not an explanation of a document but rather a word-for-word translation.


Corrections can be applied if they are essential and legitimate. However, please note that we cannot, by law, add words to the translation if they do not exist on the original, nor can we remove any words from the translation if they exist on the original document.



Suppose the original document reads ''Born in London''. In that case, the translation cannot read ''born in Luton '' even if there is a mistake in the original document and you were actually born in Luton.

What about Formatting/Layout?

We try our best to match the translation layout to the original document. However, our main priority is the translation's accuracy and not the layout's accuracy. We strive to produce translations with a similar design to the original, but they might not match the original layout. Please note that we are a translation company, not a design one. As long as the content is accurate and the translation is faithful to the original, the layout will not affect the validity or acceptance of your document.