Translation Service For Educational Documents

Certified academic Translation service

When translating educational or academic documents, the purpose of certified translation can be misunderstood. A certified translation is not an explanation of a document but an accurate word-for-word reflection of the original.


Certified translation is not qualification adaptation/comparison. Translation companies cannot adapt the produced translation to the British educational grading system. The translation of an academic certificate/transcript should be a word-for-word rendering of a document from one language into another.


As a translation company, we are not responsible for assessing your translated qualifications. This needs to be done by the institution you plan to send the translation to.



- If the original French document reads ''Diploma'', and this particular diploma is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in the British system, it will still appear as ''Diploma '' in the translation.


- If the mark in the original Spanish document reads ''Good'', and this particular mark is equivalent to  First class in the British system, the mark will still appear as ''Good'' in the translation.